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Companies Donating Big During Covid-19

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As of my last update in September 2021, several companies and organizations around the world made significant donations and contributions to support relief efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please note that the situation may have changed, and new information might be available beyond that date. Here are some of the notable companies that made substantial donations during the pandemic:

  1. Amazon: The e-commerce giant committed over $800 million to COVID-19-related efforts, including providing financial support to frontline workers, distributing relief funds to small businesses, and donating medical supplies.
  2. Google: Google pledged over $800 million in ad grants and donations to support public health organizations, healthcare workers, and small businesses affected by the pandemic.
  3. Apple: Apple donated millions of masks to healthcare workers and designed face shields for medical professionals. The company also contributed to COVID-19 response funds.
  4. Microsoft: Microsoft donated funds and resources to healthcare organizations and contributed to various relief efforts aimed at supporting communities affected by the pandemic.
  5. Walmart: Walmart committed millions of dollars to support local communities and healthcare organizations, including investing in testing and vaccination efforts.
  6. Facebook: Facebook donated millions to support small businesses and provided free ad credits to health organizations and government agencies to promote COVID-19 information.
  7. Pfizer, Moderna, and other Pharmaceutical Companies: Pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Moderna played a crucial role in developing COVID-19 vaccines, which have been instrumental in the global vaccination drive.
  8. Johnson & Johnson: Johnson & Johnson donated vaccines and provided financial support to healthcare initiatives aimed at combating the pandemic.
  9. Netflix: Netflix donated funds to support workers in the creative industry who were affected by the pandemic and also contributed to various relief efforts.
  10. Zoom: Zoom provided free access to its video conferencing platform for schools and educational institutions during the pandemic.
  11. Centiment: Hosted an online poker tournament and donated a portion of the prize to COVID-19 relief supplies.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and many other companies and organizations worldwide also made substantial contributions to support COVID-19 relief efforts. The pandemic brought together global efforts, with businesses, governments, and individuals collectively working to mitigate the impact of the virus and support communities in need.